Tomorrow, I’ll Be Loving You Still

By Gian Gutierrez

We have been together for such a long time
Same feelings for each other, forever you are mine
We’ve talked so much of our tomorrows, and we just don’t care
But all those dreams must be in secret, all mustn’t be shared

We’ve gone now so far, and been to many places
We’re making more memories, painting smiles on our faces
We’re now happily living, not thinking what may be after
But we’re too young to worry, so we just turned it into laughters

But how come we can be both serious and still we dwell inside
I’m loving you, you’re loving me, and still we must have it to hide
How long will it going to be? Will be making it last?
Will our future be our eternity? Or everything will become our past?

I never felt wrong, in every seconds that I’m with you
You always make me feel safe, every moment I’m close to you
I never felt so empty, never felt any less
Every time I look into your eyes I always feel blessed

I know this ain’t bad, the feelings that we have
But we have to keep it in silent, and it made me feel so sad
We have to hold it on ourselves, we can’t let anyone see
But don’t forget how we love each other, how much I’m missing thee

But how come we can be both so sincere and still we dwell inside
You’re loving me, I’m loving you, and still we must have it to hide
Why we have to do this? Why do we have to be in this way?
I hope that we could still be in forever and nothing will ever going to wane

I know this is worth having, it’s just we who can understand
We don’t have to explain anything, about us and who we are
And soon maybe we can have it like what it has been before
Living for our reality, and there’s no reason for us to dream at all

That there will be a day that I can be more proud, about me and you
Though it may not be tomorrow, be assured I’ll still love you.