Foreverly Yours

Dear my love, we’ve come a long way with our lives together
We’ve shared almost everything, rainy days and summer
Can’t compare to anything all the moments that we have
And it’s worth treasuring all the memories with you my love

I started to look over the year we are together
How we made it and making it last till forever
How we were to each other and what we are now
How we change for the better as we make eternal a vow

A song will never be enough to sing how happy and greatful I am
A line from a movie will never give life to days that we shared
And I just can’t get a love quotes from someone and dedicate it to thee
For the words will never verbalize the exact feelings you’ve given me

You will always be the reason of my smile in everyday
Of how I keep on going and striving for better in every way
Of what I decided and what I chose it’s always because of you
I won’t do any way of hurting the heart of my unending truth

I am sorry for I haven’t given you the best
Sed tu iure optimo dare spondes
As long there is tomorrow I’ll wake up knowing how I love you
You are intrinsic to me, and my heart always beats for you

Always remember that I have found love in you, and I’ll always will
Even if the sun refuse to shine for tomorrow, I’ll be loving you still
Like a rainbow in Niagara it has no ending
May we filled our lives with colors of faithful feelings

I may not be the best boyfriend, may not be the best in this world
But I will do anything to make ‘forever’ not just a word
I promise you again that I won’t let go and always hold your hand
May we always find and fall in love to each other, foreverly yours, Gian



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