I Have Found Love

By Gian Gutierrez

I never imagined that you and me will be together
That for a long time of being single I will now be living in love with a promise of forever
I have lost all the hope in this world and started not to believe
But you put again my trust and make my heart again start to beat

I don’t know what you’ve seen in me, I don’t know what you have found
My physical is not impeccable and my existence is sort of unsound
But you’ve given me everything like I don’t deserve to feel any less
And now you’ve made me your everything, you and me, we are the best

I have written almost all about anguish, all about broken heart
I have almost made my self sick of love story, allergic of being loved
I always tell my self for sure love is not true and definitely not made for me
Until those were now my yesterdays, those were now in my history

You never gave up on me, you never let go
Though my life is so imperfect, in you it never went wrong
You’re always making my night be almost like a day
Whenever I’m in the verge of breaking, you’re always there to stay

Now you don’t have to say that you love me
Just to let me know how much you care
You don’t have to say how much you miss me
Just to let me know how you wanted to be there
For me, ‘cause I know that whenever you’re looking at me and I gaze upon you and look back
That would be enough for a lifetime to know that I’ve actually found love.

* Description

That very moment you have found love. And you know that it is for real.