By Gian Gutierrez

I’m living again the memory, living again in a lie

Seems I’ve been reminiscing it for century, I’m living again to die

Your face came to cross my mind and I’m hurting again inside

Still I can’t be off of what you’ve given me, I can’t go on with my life

You looked at me, I looked at you, in you I let my heart to fall

I looked at you, you looked away, you never tried to hear my call

You looked at me, I looked at you, I see your eyes captured my soul

I looked at you and now you’re gone, I think I’m starting to lose my all

I close my eyes and lay in here to feel again your warmth

I close my eyes and feel the moment I actually held your hand

I remember the moments, that so many moments, we looked at each other’s eyes

I’ve been wanting and struggling to tell you I love you but that was only on my mind

I’m trying my best to forget you and never to speak your name

I’m trying each way to undo the feeling but it’s too strong to be gone in my way

I’m hating your self just to erase you but suddenly I remember your smile

I’m hating my self ’cause of still holding you and I’m starting again to cry

Though you’re far away from me, though you’re not here to stay

Your memory still remain in me, I’m always here to care

Though you’re not feeling me and you never tried to look back

I’ll be always here waiting for you, you’ll always be a part of my life

I still have the pain in me, they say I shouldn’t live like that

I’ve been struggling to kill the emotion, believing this ain’t they called ‘love’

Each day instead of moving on you go slowly deep inside my whole

Everything just keeps coming back and absolutely I have no control

I guess I’ll have to leave it here, don’t try to mend my heart

For still I will be living here and moving only a part of my mind

For I still have faith and I still believe that forever I can hold you close

I will be moving on half-heartedly, other half will still be yours.


There is this moment on our life that we loved someone, and although we know that it already have been long overdue, we still hold on to possibility that two of you can be together again. You are trying to move on but still holding on to the memories of you two together and making believe that you can continue it and make it last forever.

Photo taken at Minalungao National Park.


One Comment Add yours

  1. rscotttyler says:

    Beautiful, as usual. Love your poetry.


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