Five reasons you only need to date a hiker

By Gillian Gacuma

MANILA–Valentine’s day is just a month away and if you’re tired of looking for a possible match in dating apps, I suggest you look around and consider a date with a hiker.

I have only written five of the best traits of an hiker and I leave more for you to discover.

Happy spelunkers in Tinipak Cave, our sidetrip on our Mt. Daraitan climb. #BundokFamily

The tip is, when he asked you to join his mountain-family in their next hike, then he’s considering to know you better and see if you could also live in their humble ‘world.’ 

Koboys and doesn’t easily grossed out

Mt. Ugo climb last year

Koboy  in nature, hikers have been into much difficulties  while trudging back in the mountains during multi-day hikes.

Labyu, Jheng! 😀

On tough situations in the camp (Oh Mt. Ugo during Typhoon Jose days), the “smell” that only comes from backpacking for days on end, we’ve likely seen and smelled it all. We’re not going to backoff the first time you have a bad time after eating some shawarmas.

So you don’t need to worry on waking up fresh and superb next to us. We’ve seen enough nabagyo or exhausted faces.

PS ….But we highly appreciate neat appearance during dates.

Adventurous in many ways 

River crossing, Mt. Maranat style.

Since we spend every waking moment finding new ways to get intentionally lost in nature, it’s safe to bet that most of us don’t mind trying something new. Even if something isn’t totally comfortable for us, we’ll likely give it a go, if only for the story we get out of it. What I’m trying to say here is that we’re probably okay with getting a little weird in more ways than one. 

We’re good in directions

Basically, the hobby revolves in seeking new things. Hiking is centered around finding new paths and tracking trails. Hikers are basically good in navigating remote areas. Sense of direction basically breathes into us. And when you date one, you don’t need to worry  or argue on whether you need to stop for directions.

Simply, it’s embedded in every hiker to layout the paths of their whereabouts before leaving the pad.

Our stamina is beyond your expectation

View from the top of the Pico de Loro’s monolith.

Hikers comes in different shapes and sizes, but don’t be fooled by our frames. Countless uphill drags and multi-day trips in higher altitudes have made us very, very difficult to tire out. Take this as you will 🙂

We’re incredibly encouraging

I believe that meeting people at campsites is an experience everyone should have. Yes, there’s a feeling of stress from the exhausting hike, but also a sense of accomplishment for coming that far.

During camps or day hikes, we meet random people brought by our close friends who easily will become part of the family too.

At the campsite, you’ll  always have other hikers who will offer you hot coffee or noodles before you leave.

Imagine chasing each other like Yna and Angelo from Pangako Sa’yo in the wide rolling hills of Mt. Talamitam. ❤

We are so willing to share our lives with you, all the while encouraging you to keep going and see the amazing landscape that awaits you.

It still amaze me how easy it is to get along with people in the mountain. And our overwhelming kind of care we show for each other. So sharing it in the lowlands is easy for us.


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