Unendingly, Unconditionally

By Gian Gutierrez

I have almost stop counting, I have forgotten of when you weren’t there
For forever I know I will always have you, someone who will care
We’ve already done so much but still we yearn for more everyday
And I promise we’ll be going to more places, to be alone with you anywhere

I have never imagined that I will found someone like you
Who will love me for who I am and accept me for what I have been through
You know that I’ve already told you that I almost already gave up
But you came and you healed everything and lifted me up

I wanted to tell you that I am not a perfect man
I am not the best, I am only human
I may do wrong sometimes, I may do mistakes
But I promise you’ll always feel loved, I’ll do whatever it takes

I am sorry for my short comings, for my bad and whenever I am weak
I am sorry for I am vulnerable and sometimes can’t stand on my feet
I am sorry for times I made you feel sad, for what I cannot be
For hurt that I may be giving you, for tears you’ve shed because of me

I will not ask for anything, and there’s nothing I will wish for more
Seeing you still happy being with me would be the greatest gift of all
And I have no regrets of what I have become when you came into my life
‘Cause I know I’m now better, you gave a reason for me to stay alive

And my life will always be filled by happiness and contentment
For I know I have you in my life, I can fight any resentment
I will be glad to stay in this moment with you foreverly
As I speak again how much I’m in love and loving you unendingly.


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