15 reasons why you should travel with your bestfriend

MANILA– Our best friend is one of the greatest gifts God has ever awarded to us from taking the courage of revealing ourselves to other people. 39fpztxlxbxra

They make the most of the times we spend together with them, no wonder we share most of the amazing and memorable times of our life with them. 

Coy, my GGBFF (he coined that Jeje term) and I went on various trips, where we unleashed our excitement of discovering new sights and stuffs together. So why you should do the same?

#1 It will shoot your excitement

From planning to the actual date of the trip, you are eager and set up all the days, weeks or even months in advance. 

Day 1, Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya.

#2 You have a long list of various things to do

From the best restaurant, museums and trying everything you saw in a movie you both watched, everything is much more fun when you do it with your best bud. 

Maligcong Rice Terraces

#3 You are comfortable to move around 

You don’t worry on how bad you look after waking up next to your friend or if you farted a number of times while you were sleeping (it’s true, Coy) lol. You are comfortable on just being yourself and doing crazy things together, like capturing wacky selfies in public places and yes, loud laughs. 

Mt. Fato’s Summit

#4 You are the most powerful together

3rd day of our trip, taken from the driveway of Laperal Mansion, Baguio City.

He speaks Ilocano, you speak good budgeting, both of you are getting the best discount rates and skips long discussions with the waiter when ordering your food in that local restaurant. You and your best friend simply deals with everything like a team in Amazing Race. Like what happen to us when we’ve decided to stay for another night in Baguio without any room reservations and only a thousand peso in our pockets.  

#5 There’s so much to talk about during the trip

“Remember when you had a terrible hair in college?” to “What happen to that guy who flirts with you?” Countless topics from the days you were just starting to the present time, it seems like you never get tired of talking on things you’ve already discussed before the trip. There is real magic in personal conversation and that will keep your discussion a long run. 

#6 You’ll know more about your best bud

There’s no other way to know a person unless you’ll spend a trip with them, and that doesn’t exclude your best friend. You probably been into a lot of things but traveling together will make you discover new things about him. 

Coy and I in Mt. Ugo last year during Typhoon Ineng’s wrath in the country.

#7 You both agree to stick on the budget

Like any travelers, budget is one of the central necessity in your list. And keeping it on track is easy when you have your friend with you. Coy and I only had a moment to discuss the expenses, and the plan is to keep it WITHIN THE BUDGET. We stick with it along the way, no more follow ups or additional discussions. 

#8 Unexpected changes in your itinerary will be smooth as silk

You have the same ideas on how things should be done. Your perspectives are not distant, so unexpected changes will be agreed shortly. No hold backs or tantrums to be expected.  

#9 Someone will cook for you when you become lazy AF.

There will surely be lazy times between the trip but don’t worry, he got your back (and stomach) when you don’t feel like moving any muscles. 

#10 Your night is like your day

Sunset will never stop you from exploring, a night of beers, acoustic bands and random awra filled our nights. We just slayed it everything, yasssss! 

#11 Experiencing new things with them is phenomenal

Doing new crazy things with your best bud or “partner in crime” is a very much welcomed idea during your trip, because not only both of you are involved but one of you will witness how good or bad things may turn to achieve the experience. 

Nothing beats the morning view of Leonard wood loop from our fancy hotel, thank you Azalea Residences Baguio!

One of our memorable experience in Baguio was a drunken midnight walk in Burnham Park. Unaware of the “business” there during ungodly hours, we calmly stroll its dark pathways until 3 or 5 groups of men, harassed us with their marketing skills of selling their “service.” 

#12 And they are the best person to get you out of the messy situation

They are the best person who will pull you out of the situation, especially when things go rough. In our Burnham story, we brisk walked until we reached Harrison Road, gasping for air. 

I just realized that V-neck shirt is our thing.

#13 The trip will give you a mutual experience that will last forever

The trip brings more happiness than taking the trip itself. And happiness is that much sweeter when shared with your best friend.

#14 You are geared to take anything in life after the trip

In between your trip, there will surely be a time when you will discuss life, career and problems, and you’ll realize that your best friend will always be there for you. Ready to hit your face or pull you up and running. No matter what.

#15 You’ll understand how your best friend deeply cares about you


Nothing but pure and brotherly love. Love you, Bes! 


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