Leap of ‘fate’ in the canyons of Alegria and Badian

CEBU– It has been told before that it takes one big leap forward to explore the wonders of life and takes guts to perform it. Well, I advice you to pack as many guts as you can when you include canyoneering in your bucket list. 

Note: Two days ago, the Provincial Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (PDRRMO) will recommend that canyoneering activities in the towns of Alegria and Badian in southern Cebu be suspended starting June 1, 2016 until regulations are put in place to ensure public safety.

PDRRMO Chief Baltazar Tribunalo Jr. said there is a need to regulate the activity, which is considered extreme sports, in the light of four reported accidents involving tourists in the last two months. He also adds that the rainy season may bring unpredicted currents in the canyons.

Also, the there are times that I could see plastics bottles and cans floating in the area while graffitis are also present. 

Upon writing of this article, we are still waiting for the decision of the Capitol regarding the proposal and hopefully stricter rules on garbage disposal. 

All geared up and briefed for our adventure.

Located in the southern part of Cebu is a rising tourist destination that attracts the adrenaline-thirsty adventurer and those who are convinced that canyoneering should be on their list. Bordered by the towns of Alegria and Badian, is a limestone water-carved canyons that brags a sight that I haven’t personally seen in other places in the Philippines. 

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The stunningly blue water and the underworld or “jurassic” like scenery here will totally amaze you.

However, there’s a catch. Once you jump off from the first cliff, there will be no other way but to do the rest. Looking at the characters of the cliffs and its intimidating height, there’s no doubt that there will be no turning back. According to the local disaster risk minister, canyoneering is considered as an extreme sport. 


The cliffs ranges from 10 to as high as 25ft or an average of a three story high building in Manila. And the first cliff is a breathtaking 15-20ft high jump. 

So here’s a tip, it was the first in my life that I took countless REQUIRED jumps. And most of them are undesirably high (I’m somehow acrophobic). Once you reach your turn to jump, just JUMP, because the longer you wait looking down the more fear will eat you until you end up jumping wiggling which is risky however funny in pictures. 

The clear water is surprisingly cold and “potable.”

Don’t worry because your guide will teach you the proper way and posture on how to conquer each cliffs, give your trust to them and just follow religiously all their instructions. Also, they’re the most versatile action cam users that took photography in a new level as they easily crawl in the cliffs just to take that one good shot for you. 

The whole stretch took us almost an hour and a half before reaching the barbecue stands  where the last cliff is also located (Yay for food!). Grilled Cebu Embutido is sold at a reasonable price of Php20.00 or half a dollar each and regular barbecues at Php15.00 while pusó or white rice cooked in coconut leaves are sold at Php10.00 each. Since you are not allowed to bring literally anything aside from your action cams, all your binging will be listed and be collected once you’re back in the tourism center. 

Thanks to the Ates of Alegria, the smoke from their barbecue pits made this dramatic scene happen.

At the end of the trail is Kawasan Falls where visitors can take the dare devil 55ft jump to its base. No one of us dared. So we head straight to the cottages where we enjoyed our package buffet meal while watching the majestic falls backdropped by screaming people from the cliff. 

Its already late in the afternoon when we got back to the tourism center, and I suggest that you do this activity in the morning. 

How to go to the Canyons of Alegria and Badian?

Public: Take a 3 hours bus ride to Badian from Cebu City South Bus Terminal and advise the bus conductor and driver to drop you to Kawasan Falls, the fare is 120 Pesos/person (one-way). Take the Ceres Bus bound for Bato via Barili. Do not take the bus Bato via Oslob as it will not pass by Badian. The earliest trip is at 4 AM. The last Trip is at 6 PM. Bus departure interval is around 30 minutes. 

Private: If you’re travelling as group, renting a van from Cebu City is more convenient and will save you more money. You may contact Kuya Raymond and ask for Kuya Naknak, the kind driver that toured us around southern CEBU (+6315-139-2249). 

Entrance/Activity Fee:

Php 1,200 or US $26.00

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. Photo by Greisha Padilla. 


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