Wonder Waterfalls of Mt. Romelo

MANILA– Located in Siniloan Quezon Province, Mt. Romelo (240+masl) is one of the famed easy-dayhike destinations near Manila, not just for one reason, but five.

Buruwisan Falls.

Lanzones, Batya-Batya, Buruwisan, Old Buruwisan, and Sampaloc falls that surrounds the mountain is the real highlight of the trip. All of these are easily accessible from the campsite above Buruwisan falls. Although beginners may find some part of the trail difficult with its occasionally steep ascends and river crossing. 

Batya-Batya Falls

Each waterfalls come in different characteristic and landscapes, Buruwisan as one of the most fascinating, Batya-Batya’s trail as one of the most thrilling. 

From the jump-off in Brgy.  Macatad, Upland Siniloan, the trek will take 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on your phase.  The trail of Romelo is very easy. However, it can get absolutely MUDDY during rainy season, the time when it’s perfect to visit waterfalls. In case you survived slipping through the, better check your body because limatik (blood leeches) is also present.

Photo op with my PhilSTAR fellow mountaineers.

For convenience, some of the visitors opted to rent a horse that will take them to the campsite, thus explain the wide trail with potholes (and occasionally its “smell.”). Each way or ride will cost you Php300.00. 


There are a number of stores along the trial and the campsite, in case you run out of supplies. The ice candy store along the trail is something to look forward to, ask for their Buko flavor.

The campsite above the Buruwisan falls is large enough to accommodate 30 to 40 tents and has enclosed comfort rooms. The water source is also available in the site. 

Sample Itinerary


Day 1

0100 Assembly at Jacliner bus terminal, Pasay City

0200 ETD for Siniloan

0430 ETA Sta. Cruz (Jeepney terminal is just across the 7/11 store)

0530 ETA jump-off point. Register (P50/person) and get optional guides

0600 Start trek

0800 ETA Campsite. Set up camp. Breakfast. Commence exploration: Batya-Batya and Sampaloc Falls

1430 Lunch. Visit Buruwisan

1700 Back at campsite

1800 Dinner, socials


Day 2

0600 Breakfast

0700 Rappel down Buruwisan Falls; try to explore Old Buruwiasn

0900 Explore Lanzones Falls

1200 Lunch at campsite; break camp

1300 Start descent

1500 ETA jump-off; tidy-up.

1600 ETD Manila

2000 ETA Manila



0600 Take bus or van to Brgy. Macatad, Siniloan, Laguna
1000 ETA jump-off point. Register (P50/person) and get optional guides (P100/day)

1030 Start trek

1230 ETA Campsite. Visit Buruwisan. Lunch.

1330 Explore Lanzones Falls

1430 Start descent

1600 Back at jumpoff. Tidy-up.

1630 Head back to Manila

2030 ETA Manila



Buendia to Sta. Cruz bound bus (Jac Liner) – Php 180.00

Sta. Cruz to Siniloan – Php 42.00

Registration fee — Php 50.00

Food – Php 200

Total: Php 694 – Php 750


Available but not required (Php500 per 5 pax)

Landscape of Mt. Romelo

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 


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