Revamped Uber app expected to launch soon

MANILA — Ride sharing app Uber recently announced that the company will be launching a major revamp  on its app — the most significant update since 2012.

In a media briefing and product demo earlier this week, The Verge cite that the new app is suppose to offer its rider and driver a much cleaner interface, less confusion around which service to request, and shortcut options to frequent destinations. Even small details such as the color of the driver’s car are now included. 


The new Uber app opens with a simple question: Where to?

Much like the major social media sites, the app starts with a question, Uber’s prompt makes a user input their destination first and foremost because everything in the app now entirely revolves around it. 

fghgfhg-dgfYuhki Yamashita, product manager of the app redesign, said his team “shaved off every millisecond possible to make it a faster experience.” Referring to the “Pick up location” and “Destination” option. 

Once the destination is set, the app lays out how much it will cost with each ride option — UberX, UberPool, etc — and the difference in arrival times. Uber is also doing a lot more guess work upfront in predicting where you want to go based on how you’ve used the app before.

The new app is also going to be the first to integrate with a phone’s calendar (with a user’s permission) to show the address of the user’s next meeting without having to copy paste it into the destination field.

Uber Feed is your next city guide

Here you can see Yelp reviews for the restaurant you’re headed to, UberEats so you can order takeout on your way home, Pandora radio stations, an Uber Snapchat filter that shows your ETA, or a train station timetable if you’re using Uber to connect to public transit via an app called Transit.

While other new features includes location sharing option to other Uber users.


The app will be available soon in AppStore and Google Playstore and you can request a notification from the company by logging in their mobile numbers to their to the website

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 



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