Camping at Mt. Ulap

MANILA — It’s no doubt that Mt. Ulap rose as a new hiking destination in upland north. Roofing at 1,846 MASL it peaks through the Lingayen gulf in Pangasinan in the west, Mt. Arayat in the south and the some of the famous Cordillera mountains on the east.

Sunrise view at the summit of Mt. Ulap

Average temperature here ranges from 10 to 15 Celsius with time to time wind chills that brings the temperature down to 7 degree Celsius specially during December to January. 

PinoyMountaineer rated the mountain with a Difficulty level of 3/9 and Trail class of 1-3. The 8 kilometer minor climb can be completed within 4-6 hours trek. The trail feature dense pine trees and grassland ridges with amusing views of the Cordilleras. And most notable spot is the Gungol Rock that hangs on a 60-70 ft. high cliff.

The famed Gungal Rock

The jumpoff is located at Barangay Ampucao, only 40 minutes jeep ride away from Baguio City and most would choose day trips. 

On the first few meters of the trail you’ll find this spot where you can wear the local dress and pose on this marker for a fee.

According to Barangay Ampucao officials, on average there are 400 to 500 dayhikers that visit the mountain every weekends, making it one of the most popular hiking destinations up north. And that transcends into long ques in scenic spots for photo ops and congestion in some parts of the trail. 

However, those who choose to stay for a night has enough time to enjoy the scenery. 

Ambanao-Paoay Peak. An hour away from Gungal Rock, two hours away from the campsite and summit.

For your camp, it will be necessary to bring enough warmers and tent that would withstand sudden strong winds. Water source is available in the campsite so you wouldn’t need to bring many water supplies with you. Toilets are also a few meters away. 

Sun sets at Lingayen gulf.

At night, the clear sky would give you a stunning look of the milky way with your naked eyes. 


DAY 01

0330 ETD Victory Liner (Cubao Terminal)

0830 ETA Baguio City

0830-0930 Breakfast / Buy supplies at Public Market

0930 ETD Jeepney Terminal (Shopper’s Lane near Center Mall) 

1015 ETA Barangay Ampucao / Register

1030 Start trek

1200 ETA Ambanao Peak / Packed Lunch

1300 Resume trek

1430 Gungal Rock / Picture Picture

1600 ETA Campsite / Pitch tent

1900 Dinner

2000-2130 Socials / Stargazing

2200 Lights out


DAY 02


0500 Wakeup call

0500-0600 Assault Summit / Sunrise viewing

0700 Breakfast

0830 Break camp / prepare for descend

0900 Start descend

1030 ETA Sta. Fe Jumpoff / clean up

1230 ETA Baguio City / Lunch

1300 ETD Baguio City

1830 ETA Manila


Expenses (for two person):

Cubao-Baguio :  Php450

Baguio-Ampucao : Php35

Registration fee : Php 250 (Overnight)

Guide (Required) : Php 400 

Ampucao – Baguio : Php 35

Baguio-Cubao : Php 450

Restroom/Shower fee : Php 20

Food : 250 

TOTAL: Php 1,890

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 



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