TEAM Mag & Blued launched first Filipino gay web series

MANILA — Blued and Philippines’ only gay magazine TEAM Magazine recently launched Hanging Out, a gay web series featuring  a twenty-something sketch artist, that becomes an accidental party-crasher when a Grindr hookup sends him to the wrong address. The awkwardness creeps in once everyone realizes the mistake.

In an interview with CNN Philippines during the show’s premiere night, at Team’s Gay-Per-View event, creators Petersen Vargas and Patrick Valencia said they wanted to tell the story of a group of gay guys in a post-coming out setting.

In the pilot of Team Magazine and Blued’s “Hanging Out” — the first Filipino gay web series — David (Paulito Del Mundo) accidentally crashes Adrian’s (Jox Gonzales) birthday party, after he was given the wrong address of his supposed hookup. Photo by JL JAVIER/TEAM MAGAZINE

In Philippine setting, where good LGBT stories are hard to come by, the idea is refreshing and surely welcomed tons of reactions from Filipinos.  It’s a depiction of the aspects of the everyday fun gay life without the censorship of heterocentric mainstream media.   

The 12 minutes episode has only been up on Facebook for less than a week, and already amassed over almost 240,000 views and over thousand of shares as of this writing. A copy on their YouTube channel was also up for three days attracting more than 10,000 views. An indication of how the local gay community is longing for more content that better represents them, content that they can actually relate to.


ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 



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