Beach camping experience at Playa la Caleta

MANILA — Summer is still far from reality and we just had the holiday breaks but for travelers like me, every weekend is always an opportunity to discover new destinations. 


Located at the edge of  Morong, Bataan, Playa La Caleta is a rising beach destination that boast an amusing tropical scenery and clear sea waters abundant with diverse marine life. A short walk along the edge of the cove brought us in amusement of seeing live saltwater angelfish, crabs and other usual beach dwellers. 

The edge of the cove brought us in amusement of seeing live saltwater angelfish, crabs and other usual beach dwellers.

Nearby attraction also includes cliff diving and mini cave exploration at the adjacent Miguelito’s Island which is part of the resort property. 

The beachfront stretches for almost a kilometer with a slightly grayish sand, similar to nearby beach cove in Zambales. Playa la Caleta is a privately owned and run resort, and staying here is an ease.

There are three WELL MAINTAINED comfort room facilities (my top priority in beach camping) with a number of toilets and showers for men and women. Other facilities includes, a general store for your basic needs, bonfire equipment that you could rent and common area for cooking and food preparations.


You could also rent their beach water slides, kayak, volleyball and other watersports gear. 

Most of the visitors choose daytrips, so for campers like us, the beach is best enjoyed on its quiet time in the evening. 

Each Gazebo is equipped with lights, ceiling fan, outlets, foam, set of pillows, blanket, and mosquito net that you could share to your friends who opted to stay on their tents.

I would suggest that you bring your own tent so you could save more from your budget, however staying in their gazebo will be more comfortable and will give you the #glampingfeels. 

We had a great time staying at Playa La Caleta, its helpful and wonderful staffs are always there to assist our needs. Kudos! 

How to get there?

From Manila, you can take a Bataan Transit or Genesis Transport bus from Cubao Terminal to Balanga, Bataan. From there you can buy your supplies at one of the cleanest and organized public market I’ve been, the Balanga Public Market. Then headback to the terminal and board a bus or jeepney to Bagac. Alight at the public market and take a short tricycle ride to Fajardo beach resort where the assigned bangkero will wait for you.  The speedboat ride will take 30 minutes to reach Playa La Caleta with a somehow “close look” view of Bataan Nuclear Powerplant. 

From Playa La Caleta, you can take a sidetrip at Las Casas Filipinas Acuzar which is just a stone throw away from your dropping point in Bagac.

Before visiting Playa La Caleta, it’s important to have your trip arranged with the resort as they’re the one who will assign your bangkero. 


DAY 01

0500-0530 Assembly time (Five Star Cubao Terminal)
0600 ETD Cubao
0600-0945 Cubao-Balanga City
0945-01030 Buy supplies at Public Market
01030-1120 Balanga to Bagac
1120-1130 Tricycle to Fajardo Beach Resort (pickup point)
1130-1200 Fajardo to Playa la Caleta
1200 ETA Playa la Caleta
1200-1430 Setup tents/pre-cook other supplies/lunch
1430-1700 Relax/Chill/ Picture-picture/ Beach sports activities
1700-1830 Sunset viewing/ Swimming
1830-1930 Prepare Dinner
1930-2030 Dinner
2030-2230 Socials/Stargazing/Swimming
2230 Lights out

DAY 02

0530-0630 Wake up call/Sunrise viewing
0630-0730 Prepare breakfast
0730-0800 Breakfast
0800-1030 Relax/Swimming/Picture-picture/stroll
1030-1130 Light lunch
1130-1200 Break camp 
1200-1230 Playa la Caleta to Bagac port
1230-1240 Port to bus terminal
1300-1340 Bagac to Balanga City
1340-1415 Lunch
1430-1630 ETA Cubao Terminal


Expenses (for 10 person)

Cubao to Balanga -Php 200
Balanga to Bagac -Php 47
Las Casas port -Php 10
Boat to Playa -Php 90 (Php 1,800 good for 10 pax)

Boat to Bagac -Php 90 
Port to Terminal -Php 10
Bagac to Balanga -Php 47
Balanga to Cubao -Php 200 

Food contribution -Php 250
Entrance fee – Php 200 (per person)

Tent pitching fee – Php 250 or Tent rental fee – Php 500

Gazebo fee – Php 500 (Php1,000-overnight)

TOTAL: Php 1,494

For reservations and inquiries, you may contact Ms. Jane of PLC at (02) 637-9147 or +63908-888-7668. For more details visit their Facebook fanpage Playa La Caleta Bataan.

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 



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  1. PLC says:

    Thank you so much for visiting PLC and for this awesome review, it’s one of the things that motivates our team! Salamat! Just a note: there are actually 3 (not 2) bathroom facilities, the 3rd and newest is at the back of the office/sports shop/general store. Thanks and see you again! Mabuhay!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GillianGacuma says:

      You’re welcome! Noted on the correction. Thanks too!


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