Jomalig Island: Maldives of PH

MANILA — Located far off the eastern coast of Quezon province, Jomalig Island continuously  amuse every guest that will step on its pinkish sand and beautiful landscape. Not to mention its clear and blue waters, it’s undeniable that this island offers an amazing weekend getaway.


To be honest, of all the beaches that I’ve been to in the Philippines, Jomalig remain as my favorite. Its “isolation” from the usual beach crowd and warm people compliments how everyone would love this paradise. 

There are no hotels in the island so bring your own tent or you may opt to rent one of the few homestay services that the locals offer. Nipa huts which can accommodate 10 people can also be rented for ₱500 per night. 

Since Jomalig is not an “established” tourist destination, shower and toilet facilities are not yet available in the island. However the locals are offering theirs for ₱5 to ₱10 per use. 

Bring your power banks. As of my recent visit, electricity only runs in the island between 1:00AM to 5PM and that window hour is the only time where you can ask the locals to charge your phone for only ₱10 (full batt!). 

Your trip in the island won’t be complete without your evening swim with the planktons. Yes, the small single cell organism that’s present in the shore of Jomalig. I tell you, its one of the amusing experiences I had with ocean water. It’ll suddenly lights up with star-like glitter when you create disturbance in the water, like shaking your hands. 

How to get there?

Go to Raymond Bus Terminal in Legarda, Manila ride a bus bound to Infanta. Advise the driver and conductor to drop you at port of Real in Quezon and that you are traveling to Jomalig Island. Travel time usually takes 4-5 hours depending on the traffic along Metro Manila.  

Once you get there, secure your reservation with the bangkeros before buying your supplies in the public market.

The earliest trip that leaves Real is between 9:00AM to 10:00AM, and from the port travel time to Jomalig usually takes 4 to 5 hours. Lunch will be provided during your trip (like an on board amenity) so you don’t need to worry about skipping a meal while sailing. 



0200 ETD Raymond Bus Terminal to Port of Real

0700 ETA Port of Real, Quezon / Buy supplies at Real Public Market / Breakfast

0830 Board banca to Jomalig

1000 ETD Port of Real

1500 ETA Jomalig Island

1530 Set up camp

1600 Photo op / chill / Sunset viewing

1830 Dinner / Cleanup 

2000 Socials / Stargazing 

2130 Lights out 


0600 Wakeup call / Breakfast

0700 Beach stroll / Prepare lunch for Island hopping 

1000 ETD for Pulo and Manlanat Islands (from Salibungot Beach)

1230 ETA Manlanat Islands / Photo op / Packed lunch / Stroll

1330 ETA Pulo Island / Photo op / Stroll

1430 ETD Pulo Island

1700 ETA Salibungot Beach / Chill / Swim

1830 Dinner

1930 Evening swim

2030 Socials

2200 Lights out


0600 Wakeup call / Breakfast

0700 Swim / Stroll / Photo op

0830 Breakcamp / Washup

0930 Board bangka to Real 

1000 ETD Jomalig Island

 1400 ETA Port of Real

1500 ETD Real to Manila

2000 ETA Manila


Manila to Real –  ₱196 (vv. ₱392)

Real to Jomalig – ₱350 (vv. ₱700)

Food – ₱300 

Island tour – ₱200 (for 10 pax)

Environmental/Registration fees – ₱170

TOTAL: ₱1,762 ($35)

Contact person: Captain Zaldy – +639296588864

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Pano po magpabook?


    1. GillianGacuma says:

      Hi! You can call Captain Zaldy at +639296588864. Thanks!


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