Gulugod-Baboy camping experience

BATANGAS — Anilao is often associated with diving activities because of its diverse marine life. However for hiking enthusiast, the town is the starting point of trekking the hills that traverse Calumpan Peninsula of Mabini, Batangas. 

Rising at 525masl, Gulugod-Baboy is rated as Minor Climb by PinoyMountaineer with 2/9 difficulty and a trail class of 1-2. Given the rate, the only challenging part of the trail is the first cemented half of it. As a hiker myself, I find it challenging to walk on paved trail than dirt although its mostly shaded with trees so you don’t need to worry about heat exhaustion.

My partner Jersey and I opted for night trek to avoid the hassle of tropical heat, however the tourism officer required us to hire our guide to assist our ascend. Fortunately we’ve met the group of Bryan who agreed on trekking with us (and share the cost of guide fee). So we began our trek as a group of five than two.

Campsite where some of the tents didn’t withstand the evening gust of coastal wind.

In some parts of the trail, the houses will serve as resting areas where locals would gladly welcome you. It also serve as your marker on how far you’ve already trekked. The campsite is marked as two houses away from the last section of the cemented road. 

The hills of Gulugod-Baboy is an open grassland where gust of cool winds coming from the coast blew the area. And it’s advisable that you avoid using dome-type tents as it easily breaks in this kind of weather condition, like what happen to Bryan’s. Bring your jacket and pants for you to comfortably handle the cold evening. 

Sunrise view from the summit of Gulugod-baboy

Also, it would be helpful to bring a mat or groundsheet under your tent as the campsite is littered with stones and deep-rooted branches. 

The next day, the entire campsite is still blanketed with thick fog with gusting winds so Jersey and I decided to have a mug of hot chocolate before assaulting the summit and hoping that the fog would ease and provide us a good clearing.

Unfortunately by 6 o’clock the condition remained the same but it draws a new beautiful scenery that we fondly enjoy. 

After enjoying the scenery and our time in Gulugod-Baboy, we descend and went straight to Philpan Dive Resort for the much needed shower. 

The heat is already picking up as early as 11 in the morning that day so we head to our next destination–Historic town of Taal and had a tour around the area with our friend and also ViajeroMNL contributor, Mike. 

Pictures from Taal

Basilica of St. Martin de Tours, the largest catholic church in Asia.

How to get there?

Board a bus bound to Batangas Pier/Batangas Grand Terminal from Cubao or Pasay, then alight at the Grand Terminal. Board a jeepney bound to Mabini then alight at the Crossing, where you can take hire a tricycle that will take you straight to the registration area/jumpoff. 


DAY 01

1230 ETD JAC Liner (Cubao Terminal)

1500 ETA Batangas Grand Terminal / lunch

1630 ETD Mabini bound jeepney

1715 ETA Crossing

1730 ETA Jumpoff / register 

1745 Start trek

1800 ETA last section of cemented road

1830 ETA Campsite (Gulugod Baboy) / pitch tent

1845 Prepare dinner / cleanup

1915 Dinner

2000 Stargazing / Socials

2200 Lights out

DAY 02

0530 Wakeup call

0600 Assault summit

0610 ETA summit / picture-picture / sunrise viewing

0630 Trek back to campsite

0640 Breakfast / clean up

0800 Break camp / prepare for descend

0830 Start descend

0945 ETA jumpoff / wash up at Philpan Resort

1030 ETD jumpoff

1045 ETA Crossing (Board Grand Terminal bound jeepney)

1100 ETD Crossing to Bauan

1145 ETA Bauan / Depart for Taal (Board Lemery bound jeepney)

1245 ETA Historic town of Taal / Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours / Tour nearby attractions / Lunch at

1600 ETD Lemery DLTB bus terminal

1700 ETA Manila

1130 ETA Grand Terminal

1450 ETA Manila

Expenses (for two person):

Cubao-Batangas Grand Terminal: Php157 (vv. Php314)

Grand Terminal – Mabini: Php35 (vv. Php70)

Crossing – Jumpoff: Php40 (vv. Php80)

Registration fee: Php35

Washup fee (Philpan Resort): Php20

Guide (not required during daytime): Php500

Food: 200


Crossing-Bauan: Php41

Bauan-Taal: Php23

Taal-Lemery Bus Terminal: Php50

Lemery-Manila: Php217 

TOTAL: Php 719.00 ($14) 

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 


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