Five finger coves of Mariveles

MARIVELES — This town in Bataan may be off from your radar when thinking of your weekend beach bumming activities. Besides, it’s known for its coastal industrial zones and a few hiking destinations– Tarak Ridge and Mt. Samat. 

However this summer, you might want to rethink your perception of Mariveles. 

Valugan-Beach-like view from one of the coves in Mariveles

Dubbed as the “Mini-Batanes” by those who were able to explore the other side of its coast, Mariveles boast a scenery that will give you a gist of what it’s like to be in Marlboro Hills and Valugan Boulder Beach without spending too much on airfare and hotel accommodation.


Nestled on the southern tip of Bataan, facing Manila bay in the south, five fingers cove features many limestone cliffs and emerald-clear water. It’s also one of the places I’ve been that I was able to catch a perfect sunset scenery, so don’t miss that. We went there over the weekends to checkout what it has to offer.

At Claubel Beach Resort

We stayed at Panoypoy cove which is managed by Claubel Beach Resort (formerly Hawla), but honestly you shouldn’t do the same. Their registration fees are based on 6AM to 6PM basis and is slightly confusing. The matrix doesn’t fit for those who are coming from outside Bataan province, making you pay for unnecessary fees. 

The resort also has a unit of really loud Karaoke machine, where some tourist belts their favorite songs until late in the evening. Unfortunately, the beach is almost half a square kilometer only, so escaping the noise can be really challenging. However, if you are into these kind of resorts, then it’s definitely for you.

Sunset view over Manila bay

Our boatman, Kuya Boni told us that Laki Beach is a better option when it comes to beach camping and service in the area.

Fortunately, sunset in Panoypoy cove is really breathtaking, and that you shouldn’t miss. Also, the bio-illuminating plankton are abundant for your amusement in your evening swim. 

The insanely blue water in one of the caves in Mariveles.

The next day, we were able to explore the different coves and cliffs of Mariveles through a 3 hour boat tour. I say that this is the highlight of our trip, specially cliff jumping. And while the cliffs vary from 10ft up to 20ft high, you can still enjoy every pitstop by swimming in the clear water. 

Just be prepared by bringing atleast 4 liters of drinking water, bread and sun screen. 

How to get there?

Board a bus bound to Mariveles from Cubao or Avenida (Bataan Transit). At the town proper, hire a tricycle that will take you either to Claubel Beach Resort or Laki Beach. 

If you’re using your own car, take NLEX then turn right to San Fernando  Exit (KM65) and drive straight to Bataan Provincial Highway leading to Mariveles proper. Parking space is available for both Claubel Beach Resort and Laki Beach. 


DAY 01
0800 ETD Cubao terminal 
1200 ETA Mariveles / lunch / buy supplies
1330 ETD Mariveles Market
1400 ETA Claubel Beach Resort (Panoypoy Cove) / pitch camp / register / picture-picture / chill / swimming
1700 Trek to Panoypoy cliff 
1715 ETA Panoypoy cliff / sunset viewing
1830 Dinner 
1930 Chill / swimming / stargazing / social
2200 Lights out

DAY 02

0600 Wakeup call / prepare breakfast
0700 Breakfast / prepare for island hopping 
0800 ETD Island hopping 
1100 ETA Claubel from island hopping / wash up
1130 Breakcamp 
1215 ETA Elong’s Restaurant
1300 ETD for Manila
1430 ETA Manila


Rooms and tents are available for rent at the resort. Two shower rooms and toliet are also available for guests’ convenience. 

Expenses for 10 pax:

Cubao – Mariveles: Php280 (vv. Php560)

Public market – Claubel/Laki Beach: Php35 (vv. Php70) / person

Registration fee (overnight): Php160

Cottage: Php80 (Php800) 

Island hopping: Php250 (Php2,500)

Food: Php200

Lunch at Elong’s: Php200 

TOTAL: Php 1,520 or $30.50

Contact person: Kuya Boni – +639092279356

ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) is a lifestyle blog site that features different pop culture, travel, and food destinations in the Philippines. This article was written by Gillian Gacuma. 


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  1. The sunset pics are great!

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  2. Kei says:

    gaano po karami un naisasakay ng bangka para sa island hopping

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GillianGacuma says:

      Hi Kei! Kaya yung 10-12 pax dun sa bangka na sinakyan namin.


  3. Flor says:

    This is really helpful!

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  4. Ralph says:

    Maganda pala sa bataan


  5. Carlo Tuzon says:

    I’ve been to Samat but not this one. This place is actually beautiful.


  6. water is so blue! great content!


  7. Jia says:

    Hi, just wanted to ask, may mga public boats ba for island hopping?


    1. GillianGacuma says:

      Hi Jia! Motorized bancas used in island hopping are coordinated through the resort you are staying with 🙂


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