How to book Taiwan Highspeed Rail tickets online and how to claim it?


Step 1

Visit Taiwan Highspeed Rail ‘s official website and select English as your preferred language. 

step 1 THSR

Step 2

Tap “24hrs Online Booking”.

step 2

Step 3

Fill out the necessary information then click “search”.

  • *Taipei: Taipei Main Station
  • *Taoyuan: Taoyuan International Airport
  • *If you are traveling with someone, click “none” on Seat Preference so the system would automatically select a row where you can seat together. 
  • *Click “Discount trains only” to find the cheapest tickets available on your selected dates 

step 3

*If you are visiting Taiwan soon and planning to use Taiwan Highspeed Rail’s (THSR) it is advisable that you book your tickets 40 days before your actual trip to avail their 30%, 20%, or 10% discount. 

Step 4

Then select your preferred time of departure for <origin> to <destination> and vice versa then click “confirm”. 

step 4

Step 5

For the “Passport No.” column, fill in with your passport number + birthday (MMDD). In the Philippines, our passport number ends with one or two letters so if your passport number is P1234567A and your birthday is May 15, input “P1234567A0515” into “Passport No.” column.

For the “Phone” column input the local number of the hotel you’ll be staying in Taiwan. 

Skip the “THSR Member Information”.


step 5

Step 6 

Click confirm and pay your tickets through credit/debit card or PayMaya virtual card.

After paying you’ll receive an email indicating your booking reference number which you can present when claiming your ticket in the station. 



via T Express App (safest and easiest) 

Step 1

Download and install T Express App developed by Taiwan High Speed Rail Corporation. 

Step 2

Input your booking reference number then tap claim. 

Step 3

You’ll receive a virtual ticket and barcode where you can scan (using your phone) at the turnstile inside the station. 

via THSR ticketing office (prone to losing your small ticket)

Step 1

Present your passport and booking reference number to THSR ticketing office and ask for your tickets. 

Step 2 

Receive and use your tickets.


*Photos by Radio Taiwan International 


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