Café Breton: a spot of ‘France’ in Diliman

MANILA — Lucky for Kyusi (Quezon City) residents, the Diliman area has many good food choices — Maginhawa Street, Town Center, food stalls inside UP campus, and Krus na Ligas area. My friends and I recently visited U.P. Technohub and came across Cafe Breton.

Deja Vu Crepe and Chocolate Milkshake

Initially, I thought it was just another ripoff version of French-themed restaurant tucked inside Technohub. But my friends and I soon noticed that they actually serve Galettes — flat round pancake made with buckwheat flour with tasty fillings.

The interiors remind me Le Chef restaurant in The Manor at Camp John Hay, Baguio, the ‘rustic’ and adventure-themed decorations compliment the wood paneling and high flooring of the restaurant — a hint of Breton sailors, while the ‘lower floor’ is furnished with high chairs and tables, an old navigation map, and navy blue tiles that resembles the ocean.

It was comfortable, and their staffs are polite and very accommodating. Even the choice of music played in the restaurant is interesting too.

Even though their menu is just a wide array of western dishes, which most of them are really basic, it’s easy to understand that they are serious about their popular crepes and galettes by dedicating pages for it. The ‘open’ type of kitchen where crepes are prepared is eye-catchy.

One of the savory favorites of the restaurant is the Mushy Chix, which came with a generous portion of fragrant melted cheese for Php210 per serving.

Mushy Chix is a galette filled with slices of roasted chicken breast sautéed in onions, cheese sauce, and mushrooms. While it doesn’t look that much appealing and small, it’s surprisingly filling and delicious.

Another dish that I’ve tried is the Galette Rustique, which is probably the most vibrant and camera-friendly dish that we ordered that night.

For Php245, Galette Rustique comes with smoked bacon, tomato provençal, mozzarella, and a sunny-side-up egg, it’s a true adventure of flavors for a galette which is typically bland.

For dessert, I was able to try Deja Vu, a crepe with fresh mangoes and whipped cream, and on the side a glass of chocolate milkshake which I find a little boring.

But the star of the night was the flaming crepe with rum which was also prepared in the stylish crepe station inside the restaurant.

All of us are honestly in awe when the staff lit the rum filled crepe when it was served in our table. While the presentation was obviously amusing for us, even more with its taste, it surprisingly good and kept the taste of the rum (well minus the alcohol).

Most of the serving portion of galettes and crepes are good for sharing and surprisingly filling.

Overall for an average of Php500 per person, Cafe Breton is a good deal for those who are looking for a comfortable place to hangout with friends or business meetings that serves delicious and satisfying crepes and galettes.


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