ViajeroMNL (Viajero Manila) presents Project.img, a new category that will exhibit photos that showcase “raw life” from “highly intriguing” locations from different parts of the globe.

In the age of snapshot lifestyle, we usually neglect the small details or events that took place around us, like life. With a working theme, Refocusing on the blurred side of the fast phased lifewe encourage you to capture a scene from what you think is left behind from our gadget dependent age. Through this, we hope to spark  meaningful discussions in each entry.

Open to ALL smartphone and DSLR camera users, the page will serve as an online gallery to exhibit the photos in the growing diverse audience of the website, and hoping to create a socio-political involved community.

Interested contributors may send their photos with caption (in original size and JPEG format) and a short self introduction at The first batch will be announced on March 28, 2016.

Viajero Manila serves the right to decline contents that promotes violence and/or hate against particular group, culture, language, religion or identity. We do not own, buy or resell the contents that will be provided and acknowledge its full ownership and responsibility to its contributor. Our service allows the contributors and readers to post, link and share the contents of the website with proper acknowledgement to  author/owner of the content or guided by the Republic Act 8293: Protecting the Intellectual Property in the Philippines of the Philippine Republic. Any act of unlawful use of the website and its contents will be reported immediately to the authorities. 

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